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Annie Pierce

Annie Pierce
1868 – Died between 1900 and 1910

Annie was born in January 1868 to James and Edna Pierce. At this date I do not know if her given name is Ann, Annie or Hannah. Annie grew up in Chester and lived at 35 West Graham Street for all of her life.

1870 Census, Delaware Co., PA. 197th District, Middle Ward Chester
Post Office: Chester, PA.
Enumerated July 7, 1870, page 31
231 dwelling; 239 family

James Pierce age 33/ Laborer / born PA
Edna age 28 / keeps house/ born England
Laura age 8 / born PA
James age 6/ born PA
Amos age 3/ born PA
Annie age 1/ born PA

1880 Census, Delaware Co., PA.
Chester City, 2nd Precinct 3rd Ward, June 8, 1880
Address: 35 Graham Street

James Pierce age 43/ Laborer / born PA/ father b. PA/ Mother b. ENG
Edna age 38 / keeps house/ born England/ Eng/ Eng
Laura age 18 / born PA works in cotton mill
James age 15/ born PA at school
Amos age 12/ born PA at school
Annie age 10/ born PA at school
George age 9/ born PA at school
Mary E. age 7/ born PA
Frances age 1/ born PA

Annie is listed on the 1888-89 Chester city directory as a Saleslady. She worked at Bagshaw’s Confectionary shop on Edgemont Avenue. The newspaper depicts her to be a warm and generous woman who was devoted to her family.

She was very vocal regarding her brothers James and Amos innocence during their incarceration and subsequent trial. After her brother James’ suicide it was reported she ordered over $300 worth of flowers to be arranged at his funeral service. This was a good sum of money in the year 1900. Other items stated she nursed her brother Amos when he was ill with fever brought on by the stress of the arrest and accusations. “You are killing him,” she stated to the Chester Times reporters. “He is innocent, he has done nothing!”

Sadly all the information I have for Annie is limited to census records and the few mentions of her in the newspapers. There has not been evidence that she ever married. Searches for an obituary have been fruitless but the pursuit continues.

1900 Census, Delaware Co., PA.
Chester City, 2nd Precinct 3rd Ward, June 9, 1900
Enumerator: Charles Smedley; Supv. District 2; Enum Dist. 147
Address: 35 Graham Street

James F. Pierce HOH b. Feb 1837; age 63; married 38 years PA/ PA/ PA
Edna wife b. Aug or Oct.1841; age 58 ; Had 8 children, 7 still living ENG/ ENG/ ENG
Annie daughter b. Jan 1868; age 31 PA/ PA/ ENG
Frank son b. 1879; age 21
Annie's occupation: Confectioner

The 1900 census is the last one which Annie appears. She died between June 1900 and before the 1910 census was taken. The name Annie Pierce does not appear in the grave listings with her family. Perhaps her name was Hannah. There are three Annas and three Hannahs in Chester Rural Cemetery but none seem to match up with her parents and other siblings who are all buried together. The permit numbers are way off for a possible death date however, the permits are issued when bodies are moved to another plot or another cemetery. Just to list them, in case one is our Annie Pierce, here goes:

1. Anna E. Pierce buried Section F lot 167, permit #24590 which means the permit was a burial between (1951 – 1956).
2. Ann Pierce died between 1880 – 1884
3. Anna May Pierce, Section B107, permit 26066 (1961 – 1966)
4. Hannah A. Pierce, Section B107, no permit number
5. Hannah Martin Pierce, Section B107, permit 787 (1866- 1869)
6. Hannah R. Pierce, Single Grave Row 40, permit 12855 (1910 – 1913)

The only good possibility is Hannah R Pierce as she died close to when the 1910 census was enumerated and our Annie was dead by the time it was taken. But if this is her, why would she be in a single grave instead of with her parents or siblings? That doesn’t make sense.

I hope I find more on Annie. She sounded like a good person and someone who would be fun to know.

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