Saturday, June 28, 2008

Christy and Bagshaw info - Nice surprise!

This week has gone by so incredibly fast. Vacations always do.... I started reading The English American and it's a good read so far. I really have to recommend this one to my friend Barb in Pennsylvania.

Other nice things that happened was the unexpected arrival of family documents from the Archives in Media. That really surprised me. Although it isn't Pierce information, it is related to the Christy side of my family, it was a great surprise! I have a newly found Christy cousin in South Carolina who will get a copy of the arrest data.

Someone one said well behaved ancestors don't make history and I am thankful for some of the wild ones in the family tree. They get documented and lead you on to lots of other info.

Also I received a much welcomed email to an inquiry on the Bagshaws. We know Annie Pierce worked for William Bagshaw at his shop on Edgemont Avenue. Poor William was caught up in the arrest of Annie's mother in September 1899. More than likely he was a witness to the "affray and disturbance of the peace" between Edna Pierce and her accuser. But who knows. The connection between the two families had to been more than employer for one of the Pierce daughters. William must have been a close family friend or Mary wouldn't have named two sons after him.

Other than some genealogy I have been playing Guild Wars until I dream about it. Better take a break!! Doug grilled tuna last night and we paired it with an Alice White Cabernet Sauvignon. He's off riding right now. Tristan is supposed to return tonight for the car and leave his bike. And of course, it's hot. So mostly we stay in except to walk the shibas.

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