Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hair color, books and cycles

Wow - I'm posting twice today. Amos is posted but I'll have jpg files to add to the actual biography when it gets tossed together.

I finally finished reading the Rebels of Ireland. It's a good followup to Princes of Ireland. I love Rutherfurd's books. Looking forward to the next Diana Gabaldon book in the Jamie and Claire series but that will be awhile from what I've read recently. One of the latest authors that I have been enjoying is Ruth Reichl. She is a food and restaurant critic and her descriptions are wonderful. Recipes are in the book too!

Yesterday I got my hair cut and dyed. It's the first time I have ever had color done professionally. My sister would color my hair now and then but this was an amazing treat. Also I have bangs again and I think, if I may so myself, that it looks much better. Much neater than before.

Tristan is enjoying his motorcycle and riding in to work now. He plans to get the body armor that has extra protection but breathes. It's a nice jacket. He wants to tow me as the first experiment in whether he can do it. I guess that makes me the red shirt...but he assures me I am not. Haha.
Doug has bike fever now and I think he's torn between the Kawasaki Vulcan and a BMW that he can get at an excellent price. Totally different bikes though. It will be interesting to see which he picks. Of the Vulcans I like is the cream colored - not just for visibility but because most of what you see on the road are black bikes.

Found a use for all the bananas that seem to go almost black days after I purchase them. Break them up in a several pieces and put in a baggie and freeze. Later toss in a blender with two thirds cup milk (per banana), some malt powder, some instant espresso granules (I use Bustelo) and it makes a killer smoothie. Next time I'm adding strawberries.

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