Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Project Update and Anniversary

Last night Doug and I went to the Melting Pot for our 24th anniversary dinner. It's a very nice fondue restaurant with a wonderfully intimate atmosphere. The restaurant is very dark; when you enter through the stone flanked foyer it takes a few moments for your eyes to adjust to the low lighting. There is a very large oak wine cabinet which blends gracefully and elegantly with the decor. We were escorted back to a table with a C shaped leather booth tucked into the wall. The table top was tiled and the mounted fondue pot was well within reach for both of us. You couldn't see anyone else dining which gave the illusion of being alone except for the hushed murmurs of others' conversation. They have all the tables set up this way so each dining couple has total privacy. Very cool and totally relaxing.

We had a cheese fondue made with white wine, Fontina, Buttermilk Bleu and Butterkase cheeses. The dippers were slices of apple, various breads and veggies. Then they bring a salad. Wow...I could have made a meal of that alone. My salad was piled with spinach, portebella mushrooms, shallots and bacon. This was served with a warmed Burgundy shallot vinaigrette. Doug had the house salad with greens, Swiss Emmenthaller cheese, cucumber and eggs.

The main part of the meal consisted of a large tray of teriyaki marinated sirloin, fillet Mignon, chicken, shrimp and pieces of Mahi. Also a tray of vegetables, most notable were the mushrooms which you stuff with a creamy Boursin type cheese then batter....mmmmmmmmm. There were various sauces to dip all the meats and seafood in after they had about 2 minutes time in the hot oil. Sadly, we were too full to get the chocolate fondue for dessert but plan to go on our vacation. We'll just get coffee and the chocolate fondue. It definitely is a celebration place - not a restaurant that you'd frequent on a regular basis. But it was a special night and I am so happy we went there. Just like at home when we have wine with dinner, we sat, talked and nibbled for an hour and half. Relaxing.

As for the project, I have been diligently merging the finished biographies into one big document. I read it over this morning and it bothers me that we thought we had Edward's last days all figured out but in actuality...we do not. There were a few Edward Pierces around the late 1850s and 60s. I may leave his information the way it's written up and just asterisk it, give a detailed theory in the end notes.

Another section I have is called Unknown Connections is just a collection of Pierce data from old newspapers. The Pierces mentioned are not, as of yet, a known connection to the line being worked on. However some may be cousins and having it at the end of the bios can't hurt. Maybe in 5 years I'll look at it and slap my forehead, immediately seeing a family connection.

Nothing else new here....Got a few packages off in the mail yesterday afternoon. Tristan rode his bike out yesterday and stayed gone quite awhile. He had fun riding with friends and saw a movie. He loves that Triumph. Tristan and Doug will trade insults about each other's bikes - something about a Harley and Triumph rivalry. But I think Tristan would like to ride his Dad's bike and try it out.

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