Monday, April 28, 2008

Still waiting on Edna's court documents

To start with - I am working on James' bio and hope to post it tomorrow.

The info regarding Mrs. M. Pierce's arrest and court disposition has not arrived. I was told it would be sent on Friday, April 18th. It is still within a reasonable time frame for arrival, however, I had mailbox problems so that has me wondering. Tristan got home from work on Thursday (April 24th) and our mailbox was open and mail was scattered near the gate. My luck the court info was among the scattered mail so I'll kindly request it again.

The weekend was shot for any personal computer work I wanted to do. We have been tied up with reviewing different vehicles that get good gas mileage and went to a dealership to do a few test drives. We hate to get rid of the truck and camper but gas prices are crazy. If all works out we may be in a Toyota within the next few days. If it doesn't work out, then we'll just keep the truck and do what we're doing now - fewer trips and economizing.

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