Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mary Edna??

The documents on Edna's arrest arrived. She is referred to as Mrs. M. Pierce and dog gone it, I wish they had put her full legal name. BUT, the fact that a news article in 1900 refered to James' mother being arrested some 6 months earlier and the address on the warrant states her address is 35 Graham's our GG Grandmother Edna. Perhaps the M stands for Mary...that would be my best guess.

Anyone interested in these documents please contact me as I have them saved in PDF format. Mrs. M. Pierce was charged with Abuse and Surety of Peace. Lizzie Moseley is the complainant.

The other names listed are William Flynn, John Barbour and William Barbour and all live at 2nd and Edgemont Avenue.

William Bagshaw of 804 Edgemont Avenue is also being accused of something as he is listed with Edna/ Mrs. M. Pierce and each had to put up $50 bond. Maybe I should now request the arrest info on William Bagwell in hopes it has more information. Goodness, I sure wish I lived closer to the archives in Media.

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