Friday, April 18, 2008

Edna Pierce

In a newspaper transcript dated January 1, 1900 the following was written about James Pierce's former "sweetheart" Mary Cowan:

“It is a matter of record on the docket of Alderman Scott, of this city, that six months ago Mary Cowan was a witness in behalf of certain parties who had the mother of the Pierce boys arrested on the charge of slander. The case was dismissed"

Logic dictates that Edna Pierce would have been arrested sometime between May and July 1899. Well, the Delaware County Archives has a Criminal Transcript from Alderman A L Scott for a Mrs. M. Pierce for Abuse and Surety of Peace on September 1899. That is all the information they have for any Pierce during that time period.

My opinion is this must be James and Amos' mother Edna based on the report of the newspaper, the time frame and then the month of September in 1899 for the court info. Alas, I can not lay hands on the transcript but it is being mailed to me. As soon as it arrives it may have clues to Edna's full name. If, of course, it is indeed Edna Pierce and not another Mrs. Pierce.

The initial M intrigues me and I'm wondering if Edna's full name is Mary Edna. This speculation regarding her name has been brought up by cousins. Hopefully the transcript will reveal more clues. It will also be interesting to see the names of the parties who leveled charges against Edna.

On a personal note - Tristan arrived back from his vacation and loved Indiana. The weather was very nice but cool and he had some good times and met lots of people.

I made a good chicken carbonara dish last night that's a definate keeper. We plan to grill steak or fish this evening, walk the shibas and relax. Nigella's book Domestic Goddess has great recipes for cake that I have to try. My plan is to ask for Nigella's Express cookbook for my birthday unless I break down and buy it beforehand.

We were going to go to the Highland Games tomorrow but in keeping with saving gas, we may give it a pass instead of running the truck out to the fairgrounds. Gas is $3.58 for regular as of this morning and Doug's truck runs on midgrade (Ouch)at $3.67 per gallon.

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