Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lazy Sunday

We went camping last weekend and had a very good time. The week and a half before we had been determined to trade our truck and camper for a more fuel efficient car. After driving the two choices (Matrix and Scion) we decided the truck was much more comfortable and we really enjoy camping. So...we took off for Lake Seminole State Park in Georgia.

The park is very nice and the campsites are large. Most likely this is accommodate a camper and a boat. We were among the very few campers without a boat. The water was close to the campsites and it was great weather to sit outside and watch people ride by in their boats or on jet skis. Saturday night the campground host came by to tell us to bring in the awning as a big storm was headed our way. Evidently it caused tornadoes and hail. Other campers were almost panicking in their efforts to pack up and drive away. Some left without emptying their black and gray water tanks! One family left the dog stake tie down in their site. Thankfully they took the dog.

Since it was so late, and since we'd had a bottle of nice Cotes du Rhone with dinner, and we made storm preparations such as bringing in all the chairs, awning, etc...we stayed the night. Nothing happened. Despite the weather map that showed all red in the way of a mother of a storm headed into us...we had maybe 4 drops of rain. Literally. So many people left in panic that by Sunday morning we were only 1 of 4 families left in the entire campground. Wild!

Tristan is now in day two of a motorcycle safety course. He had a good time yesterday and got a little sunburned. He should have his bike by the end of this week. The Triumph came in and after he gets his insurance handled they'll deliver the bike to the house.

Today I am trying to figure out a game called Guild Wars and I have a pile of Amos Pierce information to type. We'll have pastisio for dinner (Greek ziti)and just enjoy the good weather we are having.

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