Sunday, March 16, 2008

Update on William Pierce

A big shout out to my Jackson cousin, Chuck Phillips, who is very talented when deciphering old writing. Thanks Chuck! The earlier posts for William Pierce/Peirce, dated February 13th and 15th, had a few mysteries regarding the writing. The frow or froe (listed as part of William's property that was sold off) is a cutting tool. Chuck tells me it could be used to cut barrel staves or shingles among other things. And the notation VC after a few articles is actually an ampersand. Like a VC = the word "and" for "cups and" or "corks and ....". The V is an &.

Cousin Char has met another Pierce cousin who lives in Boston. We'll have to share all our info and see where we are on brick walls. Today the plan is to add to James Pierce's information and get it formatted to post tomorrow. After James we can move on to his children and the murder trial. Lots of good reading in those old newspapers. Stay tuned.....

Later today the Shibas will need a ride to the pet store for more food, new bowl and good walk around the lake.

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