Friday, March 7, 2008

The latest

It's been awhile since I could post anything. I got side tracked with a cool website that I just discovered called Find-A-Grave. Evidently it's been around awhile but it's new to me. So I posted some of my families burial information at Lawn Croft Cem. in Linwood, Upland Baptist Church cem. in Upland and Chester Rural cemetery. Some of the sites I was able to successfully upload photos and others I evidently didn't follow directions and got a nicely worded rejection email from Find-A-Grave. Oh well...I'll figure it out.

Then I discovered and have been going crazy trying to get as much info as possible within my 7 day free trial. Today the "reader" wouldn't load so I couldn't get anything.

Also, we've had some really rotten weather here lately and have been under flood watch for quite some time. Lots of limbs down in the yard...not tiny branches but big limbs. Last but not least - the past weekend Doug and I went over and over the pros and cons of buying this very nice house in Tallahassee. It has a huge kitchen and many amenities that we longed for. But in the end, we looked around our home and's home. So, Squirrel Head Manor is secure for the time being. Maybe we'll want to move in years to come or when we retire..but we just aren't ready now.

As for the Pierce documentation I am still going ahead with rounding off the bios fro Edward's children. I have Emma and James to finish up that generation. On the plus side, the printed info is coming out nicely and I've added scans of many of the original (copies of the originals) documents. Once Emma and James are done I'll mail a draft off to Cousin Char. We make a good team.

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