Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Guinness, Grilled Lamb and Murder

Right - a great start to this Pierce project and the reward of yummy grilled lamb steaks accompanied by cold Guinness, orzo with sundried tomatoes and olive oil, salad, biscuits and maybe later - pumpkin pie. And maybe hit the dark Becks beer cooling down right now. Ummmmmmm...Becks.

I have 12 pages typed of the the mostly unreadable microfilm copies of a murder trial. 12 pages! That's an awesome start for my lazy ass. See this morning I had all good intentions of making soup, then doing a bit of much needed housework, then working on the project. Soup took half the morning. I used leftover ribs & meat from the prime rib. Also had a bit of left over ribeye steak that was frozen from another grilled meal. Blended garlic mashed potatoes in, along with butter sauteed celery, baby carrots, red onion and garlic and it smelled wonderful simmering on the stove. While I was cleaning out the fridge I noticed some leftover chicken that had brewed in a Key Lime marinate. So that became chicken noodle soup that we ate for lunch. Thus nourished, I was able to get some transcription done for James and Amos Pierce's bios.

The new year started well.

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