Friday, January 4, 2008

Amos Pierce - 3 of them

Amos' bio got complicated. I sorted all the Amos paperwork I have and, lo and behold, there are several Pierce men in the family named Amos. Problem solved by lovely colored folders carefully labeled with birth and death years. There is one Amos who is still living and I made email contact. But it's crystal clear he knows nothing of his grandfather's checkered past and particularly the fact that Granddad spent time in jail, accused of murder. There's no need to tell this Amos as he's in his 80s and what good would come of it. He did solve some mysteries regarding his mother's maiden name and where is grandfather lived. Grandfather Amos moved around a bit it's hard to find people on a census when their living wife states (to the census taker)that she is a widow. She was, in fact, denying his existence due to what...embarrassment over the murder accusation? A true falling out over what she knew was the truth, or protecting her children? All this info was actually discovered late last year but it's always a surprise to me when I sort papers.

Last night I made yummy garlic chicken. Stuffed whole peeled garlic cloves under the chicken skin and roasted over scallions. Basted with broth and white wine. All this came together well with Beck's dark beer, followed by coffee ice cream. Fell asleep during the last 15 minutes of CSI so I don't know why the twin women were killed. Rats!
Took the shibas out for their evening walk and they were quite frisky in the cold. Can't believe it was 27 degrees by 10 pm.
Here's a good picture of pretty shibas.

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