Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sorting paper

Well ... I found new motivation just by making myself write down the goal of getting this project off the ground. There is a reminder, figuratively tapping the top of my head, that I have started this before only to give in to my inherent laziness and procratinating. There is always a good book I'm into or something I'd like to cook, eat, etc.

So I got out all the Pierce stuff and started to put into piles of individual familes. Lets take a step backwards here now. Alas, there were other scraps of family papers mixed in. Surnames of Elliott and Williams surfaced. Organizational skills haven't been my strongest redeeming factor over the years. So today I just made the pile of Pierce info and started file folders for ancestors where I had lots of info. Everything else went into one box. The other family info, the Willams and Elliotts went into their own files in the cabinet. That's another project and I don't want to get sidetracked again. Family Tree Maker has been great as I can see what is already recorded. Don't get me started on the times I've sent for the same death certificate because I wasn't organized. It's a start. Maybe I can do more tomorrow.

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