Tuesday, December 25, 2007

New Year's Resolution

It's early to start this and yet years behind in completion. I've been collecting information on the Pierce family of Chester, Pennsylvania and routinely setting goals to get it organized into a biographical booklet. For years. For many years.... It's not for the NY Times best sellers list, although I wouldn't cry if that happened, but a recording of the Pierces who lived and died around the Delaware County area. So, even though there have been feverish exchanges of information with cousins online (cousins I've never met) and we've had our plans to get it all documented and placed in a historical society library, this has obviously not been accomplished in the oh...10 + years I've made the attempt. This is due to laziness, procrastination and generally other things in life that had taken priority.

So, this is my new years resolution - to get all the superfluous paper documention, scribbled notes and clues that I've collected over the years, old census transcriptions and death certificates and write it out. Each Pierce should get their own little bio - no matter how little I have. I'll start with Edward Pierce. He was born about 1805, give or take a year.

If I'm lucky I'll have this properly recorded well before next Thanksgiving and the loving results sent to the Delaware County historical society and to a local library for the genealogical section. Ok, so tomorrow I'll drag the milk crate and file folders out and sort the data into families. As I have several generations that ought to be the first step. But I'll start tomorrow.

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