Monday, August 11, 2008

Please let summer end......

Geez...where do I start? It's been a hectic month. I know I commented on these things in the July 18 post but here's the full scoop.

July 2 Tristan had an accident. A tractor trailer pulled out in front of him near the truck stop. Tristan tried to brake and control the bike but it was too short a distance; the bike locked up and he went under the semi. Fortunately the only injury sustained was a tear in the armored jacket and cut to the elbow. Conway Trucking's insurance adjuster left his card on our gate and once Tristan started talking to him it seemed everything would be settled quickly. They'd cut him a check for damages and he'd get the bike goes on as usual. Nooooooo.....that would be too simple.

First the driver told the highway patrol officer that he didn't see Tristan. Then he said that he thought Tristan was far enough away. Hmmmm...which story is correct I wonder? Long story short, I had to call the Dept. of Insurance because the adjuster did not return any of my calls after the end of July. The motorcycle was repaired but we couldn't get it picked up because, no insurance check. All is well now....Tristan has his check and picks up his bike tomorrow.

We've had company since August 1. The dogs are adjusting to the new person in the house as a member of the pack and will probably be glad when things go back to normal. They don't get kenneled as much because someone is always home.

While I have not posted anything else on Pierces or the final bio (Frank Pierce) I have been busy with the paper version I'm putting together. Seems I had some info on my home computer and some at work. At present I am merging the information, doing spell checks, etc.

Hope everyone has had a nice summer. We are looking forward to college classes starting up on August 25...yippee!

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